【large Picture Format】

A large format film(over 4×5″) actually gives us large picture format. Compared with 35mm film(24×36mm), it has around 15 times area. The value of a large picture format is realized after enlargement to a large size print. The big difference exists. The picture(1) below, Yasuda Auditorium of Tokyo University is taken by Linhof camera with 150mm lens. The picture(2) is taken by 35mm camera with focal length 46mm(zoom) lens so as to make it the same composition. The picture(3) is partly enlarged from 4×5″ film. The picture(4) is partly enlarged from 35mm film. It is obvious at a glance that a large size film has a great advantage over 35mm film on image quality of picture. (reproduced from Large Format Camera Manual)

*Picture size(long ×short) of both(1) and (2) below is not real. Ratio of longwise and crosswise, however, is the same.

(3)4x5″ partly enlarged
(4)35mm partly enlarged

【Camera Movement (1)Adjustment of Focus Area(2)Corretion of Shape】

The camera movement is the second feature of a large format camera. As the large format camera(body) consists of front side(lens part) and back side(film part) connected with bellows, the each side is movable independently. Then it is possible to❶adjust focus area and to❷correct shape of image.

◆Adjustment of Focus area
Illustration❶ above is focused just this side of cards displayed on a table with an open apature. Illustration❷ above is taken using camera movement.Got pan-focus image even with an open apature. The cards is focused on the joker of this side. The joker, heart1 and diamond jack are in focus, but the back rows are out of focus.
The cards is taken using tilt, one of camera movements, then whole cards from joker to the back king of spades are in focus.
◆Correction of Shape
Illustration❸ above indicates taper off the tall building. No height of building is shown. The right side straight building,illustration❹ is obtainable due to proper camera movement. This picture above is low-angle shot of Renaissance palace. Its windows tapers off on the upper part with bending back the building. This picture, the shape of windows is corrected using camera movements and gives us normal and stable impression.
【Close-up Photography】
The close-up photography adjustable image magnification is another advantage of a large format camera connected with bellows.
・The elastic bellows makes high magnification shown below.

❶Normal ❷1:1 close-up(with twice length of bellows) Artificial roes and potpourri Close-up rose
【Variety of Film Size】

You can choose a film size among 4×5″, 6×12cm, 6×9cm, and 6×7cm shown below by means of your purpose of photography. It can be said that the proverbe, "The greater also serves for the lesser." is applied to a large format camera. The three kinds of film back for Linhof camera is on the market. Not only sheet film(4×5″), but also roll film(6×7, 6×9 and 6×12cm and instant film are at your disposal.


6×7, 6×9 amd 6×12cm film back for 120 roll film are available.

Fuji Quick-Load, many kinds of color reversal, color negative and monochrome films are provided.
Film back, 6×7 and 6×9cm. Polaroid film back is also available for Linhof camera.

【Comparison of Camera Movement Photos and Close-up Photos】

Put a pointer on the picture below, then you can experience the camera movement photos before and after.
●Adjustment of Focus Area

●Correction of Shape

  (reproduced from Large Format Camera Manual))
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