Dear members of the new Japan Linhof Club.

Thanks to the initiative of the honourable Mr. Yoshikazu Kido you have founded a new Japanese Linhof Club whose members are true Linhof camera lovers and we at Linhof would like to congratulate you on starting this new venture.
Using your skills, expertise and knowledge to realize applied photography by using Linhof equipment will surely produce excellent results. The continual exchange of views and experiences amongst the members will enable you to help each other fully utilize the superb technical abilities and features of Linhof large format cameras in all arenas such as landscape, indoor and outdoor architectural photography, table tops or other tasks and help you all to develop as photographers.
Since 1887 Linhof cameras have been a lifetime investment in photographic excellence and we shall keep you informed of any improvements and new developments in classic analogue or digital imaging as they are implemented.
The management of the Linhof company in Munich/Germany wishes you all the best for the future of your club.

Kind regards


Henry Broeker
Former CEO, now Consultant
Linhof Präzisions-Systemtechnik GmbH

It is my pleasure to say that Japan Linhof Club was established by those people who love Linhof, the superb camera in the world.
The large format camera is an origin of camera and the final target to camera users,as well.
A person normally starts from a small or medium format camera and then will challenge large format so as to achieve the high quality of image.
As a matter of fact Linhof is situated on the top position among the large format cameras in terms of easy handling, magnitude of camera movement, mechanical precision, durability and tradition.
I really admire its complete function.
Gathering of Linhof camera users must be significant with no doubt.
Although ability of one person is limited, capability as a group is not addition of individual power, but will create another world of imagination in photography.
I do hope this club helps you to exchange know-how, to improve photography skills of the members and to take an opportunity for publishing the works.
Please join Japan Linhof Club.
We heartily welcome you.

Minoru Shimizu
Japan Linhof Club

Linhof was founded in 1887, Munich Germany by Valentin Linhof.
Since then Linhof has been putting on the market various excellent
cameras,optics and high tech products more than 120 years,
such as representative Master Technika series, Technorama series and
Technikardan series.
These products which embody "German Spirit" remain unchanged
as an eternal article.
Its mechanical precision and solid body materialize full reliability and
a firm position in the camera history.
I believe Linhof is surely the first class producer in the world.
They will develop a new gear, say of the digital products and
advance rapidly as ever.
Photo-office Clique, an authorized dealer of Linhof products
in Japan serves Linhof camera users giving trust and confidence.
Your continuous favor is highly appreciated.


Kenji Inada
Adviser to Japan Linhof Club
Photo Office Clique

The market of gelatin silver photography is rapidly shrinking due to
emergence and progress of digital cameras for current years.
A number of film/camera manufacturers have withdrawn from traditional
film(cameras) or have been reducing its production.
Most professional photographers used a large format camera essential for their works are obliged to change to a digital tool.
This is the fact, however, that photographers and clients who are not satisfied
with digital quality are increasing gradually, as if the tide rises.
The value in use of a large format camera is recognized again through the experience on digital photos.
A large format camera fitted in the gelatin silver photography is an ultimate photo gear.
I consider Japan Linhof Club is not only a group of Linhof camera users having the similar hobby, but will contribute the development and succession of gelatin silver photography.
The club members are expected to introduce globally the Japanese nature,landscape and culture through an original print and/or website.
Yoshikazu Kido
Japan Linhof Club
Y's Create Co., Ltd.
Copyright (C) 2009 Japan Linhof Club. All Rights Reserved.