《Gallery for the Club Members》
Whoever the club members is will be welcome to this gallery. Photos in this Gallery must be taken by Linhof camera . The size of film is 4×5″ in principle ( 6×7, 6×9 and 6×12cm format are acceptable as an exeption.) You can enjoy the works of discriminating indivisualist creating favorite images.
Classification Members Name
♢Tetuo Udagawa♢Mitsuo Iizuka
♢Yasuo Kawata ♢Kanichi Kitajima

♢Minoru Shimizu ♢Sumie Sakamaki ♢Junko Sugiyama

♢Masashi Takashima ♢Tomisaburo Toyoshima ♢Susumu Tateno ♢Tetu Tamaoki
Group E
♢Shougo Hirama ♢Michihiro Fujiwara
♢Etuko Matsuda
♢Akira Yonezawa
Group I
Group J
《How to get the works》
These works of this gallery are available for sales, as (1)Original Print, (2)Advertising Media and (3)Website Use. In detail, please click the member name listed above. In case of order placement or inquiry, please inform the club office your desired name of the member, title of the works and its number.
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