Name cards, badge and sticker of Japan Linhof Club
When you wish to apply for membership of the club or inquiry, please contact the folowing office by e-mail or fax. (Membership limited to people living in Japan only.)
Conditions of Application
♦Agreeable to the purpose of Japan Linhof Club
♦To be a Linhof camera user
♦Recomendation from the club member(Please inquiry the office.)
Membership Fee 
For Application   JY10,000
Annual Fee    JY6,000 for 1 year
            Jy3,000 for half a year
◆Name Cards(100 pieces) with Linhof logo
◆Linhof Sticker
◆Linhof Badge
◆Up-loading to the gallery of JLC HP(within 25 images)
◆JLC Bulletin(quarterly)
♦Participation of various events
◆Discounted maintenance service
How to apply
(1)To inform applicant name, address, Linhof camera's name and recommender's name to the office by e-mail or fax.
(2)JLC will send you an application form by mail/fax.
(3)To send back the form described the requirements by mail/fax to the office.

(4)To remit membership fee

Postal code:113-0033 3-39-14, Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo,  Y's Create Co., Ltd.
Tel:81-3-5689-2776  Fax:81-3-5689-2786
◆本郷3丁目駅(丸の内線)      徒歩5分 
◆本郷3丁目駅(大江戸線)     徒歩3分
◆湯島駅(千代田線)         徒歩8分
◆上野広小路駅(銀座線)      徒歩12分
◆お茶の水駅(J R駅)        徒歩11分
◆春日駅(三田線)         徒歩12分
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